Why Opt for A Laser Dental Treatment

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More often than not we hear people complain about how much pain they endured during their last dental visit. Can we blame them? NO!. Dentistry often requires patients to endure pain depending upon the treatment. But is there a way to avoid such tormenting pain? YES, now you can. The use of Laser in Dentistry is nothing short of a Game changer. Laser Dentistry offers a more comfortable treatment option for many Dental Treatments involving Hard or Soft tissues when compared to Drills and other Non Laser tools.


What exactly is a Laser? 

A laser is something most of us are familiar with but don’t exactly know what it is apart from knowing that is refers to a light source. The term “laser”  originated as an acronym for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”. In simpler terms, laser light is a concentrated source of light simulated towards a target to alter it in some manner.

How can one benefit from having performed a Laser procedure in Dentistry? 

  • The Laser precession ensures patients lose less blood than traditional surgery.
  • The Laser will sterilize the gums, which reduces the likelihood of having an infection.
  • Anesthesia may not be necessary for certain dental treatments.
  • Minimal Bleeding as compared to traditional methods like Drilling etc.
  • Removing Certain harmless tumors which are not exactly harmful but might be a cosmetic inconvenience.
  • The use of Lasers can help regenerate damaged blood vessels.

This is not to say that Laser Dentistry does not have any drawbacks of its own. Like one might still need a dose of Anesthesia for certain Laser treatments. Similarly, some kinds of Filling may still require performing more traditional procedures like Drilling etc.


But the merits of Laser Dentistry greatly outweigh the minor shortcomings and can make a Dental visit almost Painless and can immensely help people having a serious phobia of dental visits, especially Children.

We at Dentartz – the best laser dentistry treatment in Hyderabad have access to the best-in-class Laser dental Instruments for safe and Painless surgery, feel free to contact us to learn more about Laser treatment.

Know The Doctor: 

Dr. Pratiek Gupta, Oral Laser Specialist at Dentartz, a state-of-the-art dental clinic in Attapur is a well-known speaker in the dental fraternity. He is fondly called the “Bioclear man of India” and has been instrumental in establishing the Bioclear brand in India. He is a proctor for Bioclear Dental in Asia and a key opinion leader for Tokuyama dental and Zumax microscopes.

Dr. Prateek Gupta has a private practice in Hyderabad Attapur limited to lasers, implants, and aesthetic dentistry all under the microscope. He is the “Dentist’s dentist” with dentists all over India reaching out to him for their treatment.

Dr. Pratiek Gupta loved to see people with smiling faces since his childhood, today he is the “smile designer”.

There are thousands and lakhs of dentists out there but the common thing which goes missing is the personal touch that Dr. Gupta provides. He is an active practitioner at DentArtz – Laser Dental Clinic, Attapur, Hyderabad. He has been practicing dentistry in India for 8 consecutive years and the primary objective that led him to pursue this as his career is the beautification of people with a smile on their faces. He decided to become a “smile designer” who would not only help people with their dental problems but would help them have a better life as well in terms of their physical and psychological spheres.

The dental clinic works toward treating all kinds of dental problems including tooth pain, surgical extractions, and “smile designing including braces all under one roof.