No single clinic can boast of having Lasers , Dental Operating microscope , Painless anesthesia , implants and Esthetic Dentistry all under one roof.

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    Microscope & Microscopic Dentistry

    We are proud to introduce Dental Operating microscope and microscopic dentistry in Hyderabad.

    CEREC Oral Scanner

    Primescan is the solution for effective digital workflows with picture-perfect precision in getting the digital impressions of your dental cavity.

    Advanced Laser Dentistry

    We have a state of the art setup with all advanced equipment. No single clinic can boast of having Lasers.

    Painless Anesthesia

    We are the only clinic in the region to be using computerised painless anaesthesia for a pain free experience.


    At Dentartz, your safety is our utmost priority. 

    Before entering a patient room or care area:

    1. Perform hand hygiene.
    2. Put on a clean gown or protective clothing that covers personal clothing and skin (e.g., forearms) likely to be soiled with blood, saliva, or other potentially infectious materials
    3. Put on a surgical mask.
    4. Discard disposable gowns after each use.
    5. Disinfectant measures after patient leaves.


    Make your smile brighter

    Advanced Dentistry


    Lasers are extremely focused light beams which alter or remove tissue in small amounts.

    Child Care


    Pediatric dentistry is the branch of dentistry that deals with children from birth through adolescence.

    Straight Up


    In Conventional braces, brackets and arch-wires are used to move the teeth into pre-planned position depending on the case.



    Root canal therapy is a procedure wherein the damaged portion of the tooth involving the pulp is removed and thereafter the canals are cleaned.


    Missing Teeth?


    The practice of Implant dentistry involves expert planning, surgical placement and tooth restoration.

    Gum Problems?


    Scaling and polishing and flap surgery either by conventional or with lasers can help maintain healthy gums and longer life of your teeth.

    Get A Crown


    They represent a permanent solution to change or improve the image of stained, discoloured, chipped, broken or unaesthetic teeth.

    Artificial Teeth


    Dentures are artificial teeth and gums that are fabricated by impressions and another measurement in the oral cavity.

    About Us

    Dr. Pratiek Gupta

    Dr. Pratiek Gupta is a well known speaker in the dental fraternity. He lectures all over India on the bioclear concept and anterior aesthetics and smile design.

    He is fondly called the “Bioclear man of India” and has been instrumental in establishing the Bioclear brand in India. He is a proctor for Bioclear Dental in Asia and a key opinion leader for Tokuyama dental and Zumax microscopes.

    He has a private practice in Hyderabad limited to lasers, implants and aesthetic dentistry all under the microscope. He is the “Dentist’s dentist” with dentists all over India reaching out to him for their treatment.

    He is the founder of the Esthetrix® training academy in Hyderabad and also the technical head for Esthetrix® Dental products.

    He has been the keynote speaker in various national and international level dental conferences and trained several batches of dentists on the Bioclear concept and indirect veneers.


    Read our latest news from DENTARTZ or general Dental care. Feel free to ask questions in comments for any news you find interesting.


    It’s always the word of mouth that’s the best advice. Here are some of our…

    Wonderful experience and truly painless. I would recommend the place to everyone. The doctor is truly knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease with the treatment. Really gifted hands.

    Saiteja Dewanpally

    One of the most modern dental clinic and excellent clinician Dr.Prateik Gupta. Im higly impressed with his knowledge and recommend that this is the best clinic for painless and comfortable dental treatment.

    Aditi Agrawal


    What do our patient say?

    Dr Pratiek, in my knowledge, is one of the more astute and thorough clinicians that I have come across. His priority to patient care is unshakeable. He makes sure he is always updated and upgraded when it comes to new concepts of learning, and cutting edge technology, respectively. One of the most safe pair of hands I can trust myself with.


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    Laser Dental Clinic at Attapur is a dental clinic with a difference. We are proud to introduce Dental Operating microscope and microscopic dentistry in Hyderabad.

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