Fractured Teeth?

Preventing and Treating Fractured Teeth

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Safeguarding Your Smile: Dentartz Dental Clinic's Guide to Preventing and Treating Fractured Teeth

At Dentartz Dental Clinic, we understand the importance of a healthy and radiant smile. One common dental concern many individuals face is a fractured tooth. In this guide, we’ll explore proactive measures to avoid tooth fractures and recommend effective treatments should they occur.


Preventing Fractured Teeth:


  1. Regular Dental Check-ups:

    • Schedule routine dental check-ups to identify and address potential issues before they escalate.
    • Early detection can prevent minor cracks from developing into more severe fractures.
  2. Protective Gear for Activities:

    • Wear mouthguards during contact sports or activities with a risk of impact to safeguard teeth.
    • Customized mouthguards from Dentartz offer optimal protection tailored to individual needs.
  3. Avoiding Chewing on Hard Objects:

    • Refrain from chewing on hard objects like ice, pens, or popcorn kernels.
    • These habits can lead to micro-cracks or more substantial fractures over time.
  4. Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene:

    • Brush and floss regularly to prevent decay that weakens tooth structure.
    • Strong teeth are less prone to fractures, making oral hygiene a crucial preventive measure.


Recommendations for Treating Fractured Teeth:


  1. Dental Bonding:

    • Minor fractures can often be addressed with dental bonding.
    • A tooth-colored resin is applied to the affected area, restoring both appearance and function.
  2. Dental Crowns:

    • For more significant fractures, dental crowns provide a protective covering for the damaged tooth.
    • Crowns restore strength and aesthetics, ensuring the tooth remains functional.
  3. Root Canal Therapy:

    • When fractures extend into the tooth’s pulp, root canal therapy may be recommended.
    • This procedure removes damaged tissue and preserves the natural tooth.
  4. Tooth Extraction and Replacement:

    • In cases of severe fractures, extraction may be necessary.
    • Dentartz offers various tooth replacement options, such as dental implants or bridges, to restore the functionality and appearance of your smile.


At Dentartz Dental Clinic, our commitment to your oral health extends to preventing and treating fractured teeth. By adopting preventive measures and seeking timely professional care, you can maintain a confident and resilient smile. Remember, your dental well-being is our priority.

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