Dr. Pratiek Gupta

Microscope & Microscopic Dentistry in Hyderabad.

About DentArtz Laser Dental Clinic

Providing Pristine Dental Care is Our Priority, Handling Each Case with Utmost Precision.

Our primary objective is simple. Making sure that all our patients are getting the finest of Dental treatments and therapies all around.


We are the first Laser Dental Clinic in Hyderabad on a comprehensive basis. Dr. Pratiek Gupta, an award winning dentist leads the charge handling the only painless clinic in Hyderabad.


Specializing the concept of Microscopic Dentistry and utilizing avant-garde equipment such as Prime Scan 3D Modelling Technology, we focus on limiting inconveniences and providing the freshest of experiences to remember and cherish.

Award Winning
Dentist, Dr. Pratiek Gupta

Dr. Pratiek Gupta is a well-known speaker in the dental fraternity. He lectures all over India on the bioclear concept and anterior aesthetics and smile design.

He is fondly called the “Bioclear man of India” and has been instrumental in establishing the Bioclear brand in India. He is a proctor for Bioclear Dental in Asia and a key opinion leader for Tokuyama dental and Zumax microscopes.

He has a private practice in Hyderabad limited to lasers, implants, and aesthetic dentistry all under the microscope. He is the “Dentist’s dentist” with dentists all over India reaching out to him for their treatment.

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