Scared of Covid? Follow These Basic Dental Tips at Home

Is it safe to visit the dentist during COVID-19?

COVID-19 has been quite a talking point in the years 2020 and 2021. There is no denying that the Coronavirus pandemic has completely changed our lifestyles, in many ways possible. Without the proper social contact that we have been having since time immemorial, it is incredible to think that social distancing is the first thing being preached to us right now.

Oral health became emergency treatment only and not viewed as an important part of health. Elective procedures were halted albeit they’re important to mitigate problems that potentially evolve into emergencies. Public health, community health, and personal health were initially unprepared with coordinated messages to guide oral health practices.

65.5% of adults who consulted a dentist lost time from work due to unplanned emergency care. Many who didn’t have regular preventive care prolonged the diagnosis of oral health problems that became emergencies like gum problems, cavity, tooth loss, and dental abscesses.



Along with that, 45% of the working parents missed some work due to their kid’s oral health issues, many of which arose from skipped visits to the dentist’s office resulting in complications that required emergency dental appointments to fix. Keeping our essential worker’s mouths healthy isn’t to be overlooked.

Because of the overlooking of dental health, these are the possible outcomes for patients right now:

  • Teeth with cavities that would are filled are now getting to need root canals
  • Teeth that would are treated with root canals are now getting to require extractions
  • Mouths with oral cancers may haven’t been discovered and will not receive proper treatment
  • Preventive and therapeutic scalings that they have before beginning dental and medical treatments are delayed


Dental Care Tips at Home

To get the perfect dental health, you need to make sure that you are following these particular tips:

  • Brush Twice A Day
  • Floss Appropriately
  • Eat Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
  • Maintain Vitamin D & Phosphorus Levels
  • Go for an Online Consultation with your dentist for a thorough checkup of your teeth and gums

Checking your habits for the time being and being cautious will help you significantly in the long run.