CEREC Primescan – The Brand New Way of Dental Imaging

December 10, 2021 by Dinesh Rao

Long gone are those days when dentists used to take the impressions of your oral cavity with impression materials. It’s not like this thing doesn’t exist right now. It’s just that the game has moved from one level to another, a.k.a CEREC Primescan.

Presenting you, the CEREC Primescan, the World’s most reliable Digital scanning machine for your oral cavity. Primescan is well known for being precise to the millimeter. There is no way any traditional method comes close to the capabilities of CEREC Primescan.

Primescan is always being upgraded to increase speed and broaden its uses. With unique scanning technology, it allows high accuracy digital impressions and provides improved performance by capturing more data in higher resolution in less time.

Primescan is the first intraoral scanner to be validated for Atlantis Suprastructures for fixed multiple-unit implant restorations due to its high degree of accuracy. Outstanding precision and dependability, regardless of the indication or materials, assure a precise match for any restoration or appliance.

  • In less than a minute, you may complete a full arch scan.
  • Artifact removal in real-time.
  • Scanning of all dental materials, including bright materials and difficult-to-reach places such as deep cavities, is simple.
  • Delegation to practice teamwork is made simple and natural by the use of easy and intuitive impression taking.

CEREC Primescan

Why Go for CEREC Primescan

  • Technological Innovation

Digital impression capturing with Primescan is now up to twice as quick as before, with fewer scan interruptions, thanks to software generation 5.2. Its exceptional scan precision produces high-quality data for any indicator or bright substance.

  • Hygiene

Hygiene choices for both the Acquisition Center and the intraoral scanner are versatile. Pick from three different sleeves, including autoclavable and disposable options.

  • Comfort to the Patients

An intraoral scan with Primescan is faster and more pleasant for your patients than analog impressions. Patients will be intrigued to see a 3D model of their teeth, and you may discuss potential treatments using the huge touchscreen.

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