Avoid These 5 Foods if You Want a Good Set of Teeth.

March 17, 2020 by Dinesh Rao

Remember when as kids we were all lectured by our Parents or Guardians when we happen to Binge eat candies? They did it for a reason. Although it is hard for a young chap to abstain from such foods, countless studies have time and again demonstrated the ill effects of certain foods especially the ones having an abundance of sugar over the teeth.

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A rule of thumb is to avoid having foods which don’t easily wash off from your teeth. Many foods and beverages can cause plaque, which is a film developing over your teeth and can make way for serious dental problems.

Take for Instance tooth decay. It is a condition where the teeth are severely damaged and can cause holes on your teeth. Isn’t that bad enough? And that is just one example of how some foods are big time culprits when it comes to your dental care.

1.  Soft Drinks

Well it does not surprise any of us, but we have to keep this in the list for the irreversible damage it does to your teeth as well as general health if not kept in check. Even the “diet’ ones won’t fare any better for your teeth even if they are low on calories.

2.  Bread

Brown or White doesn’t matter as they have a tendency to stick between your teeth and if you don’t really floss daily, then it won’t do any good.

3.  Alcohol

Dried out mouth is an open invitation for a variety of tooth diseases and that is what alcohol exactly does. Saliva exists for a reason! But even if you happen to consume Alcohol make sure to keep yourself hydrated by sipping water at regular intervals.

4.  Oranges, Grapes and Lemon

All the above are abundant sources of Vitamin C but they can be very damaging as they are highly acidic in nature.

5.  Candies

As said earlier this list is not ordered by the amount of damage a food makes, otherwise candies would have topped the charts. Children are obviously more likely to mindlessly consume these and therefore more likely to encounter severe dental problems.

Apart from the regular Brush twice and Floss daily advice, it is advised to consult a dentist and take a regular oral examination to be sure.

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